Georgia made its first steps in handball early in 1920. First Soviet Union championship was won by Georgian team  Karishkhala  in 1962.  In 1964 it won the champions title for the second time. Three times it was runner up(1965,1966,1967) and four times it was the third (1963,1977,1980,1981) Karishkhala was the cup winner too in 1978.

In those times a number of top players (Jemal Tsertsvadze, Imedo Pkhakadze,Anzor Exeulidze, Jemal Abaishvili) of Karishkhala team regularly played at world championships as members of Soviet team.

Later on Alexander Anpilogov became the world class recognized handball star, Olympic (1976) and World Champion (1982), two times silver medal winner (1978 – World championship and 1980 – Olympic games).

From the year 1992 Georgia is a member of International Handball Federation and regularly participates in international competitions.

In early 90-ies Georgia was overwhelmed by riots, cilivil was and regional conflicts, which seriously hampered development of sport throughout the country, but starting from the end of nineties and beginning of 21st century Georgia firmly follows the root of democracy and development resulting in economic growth. According to the many parameters such as doing business,security of citizens,reduction of crime rate Georgia has one of the leading positions in Europe.

Sports and handball among others started to revive in Georgia