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Filip Jicha About Future Stars of Handball

World star of handball Filip Jicha (Barcelona has just visited Tbilisi, Georgia, because of men’s youth world championship. His trip lasted not longer than 2 days and all the time you could find him at Olimpic Palace, where his was watching games of “young weapons”. Here is a short interview about little trip of him around Men’s Youth World Championship – Georgia

Filip Jicha, Welcome to Tbilisi, Georgia. What are you doing here?
Thank you. I’m here… you know I’m watching the World Championship of the young weapon, of the future of Handball. So far I’m really enjoying to be here and have the possibility, you know, somehow see the young players, how they manage the pressure, how they manage the championship and how they’ll be in the future!

Are you here for the first time or have you visited Georgia already?
Yes, that’s my very first time in Georgia. Many, many years ago I should had to come but I couldn’t. So far that’s very first time for me and I like it because… you know I couldn’t see that much from the city or from the country because I’m all the time in the hall or in the hotel but what I saw from the window, from bus or how the people treat me.. I’m very pleased to be here!

Have you ever played against Georgia maybe?
Yes, I’ve played once with a National Team against Georgia, I think It was in Turkey, I don’t know exactly but I know that we played once with Georgians

And what can you say about youth teams? Are they playing well?
Yes, I’m not because of teams here, I’m especially for the players – How they will be. So far before the tournament was started I didn’t know that much players from this category. But now I’m pretty in and I’m really enjoying that players how they play and of course I will keep eye on them how they will be in the future. Because you know these players, many of them will be stars of the handball of tomorrow.

At the end I want to know, if you have prognoses, who will win trophy of championship?
We can say that possibility of Denmark to manage break the half final and… France… these two of course like in many category are very strong and they know how to create handball players and the group of handball players know how to play handball as a team so far these two teams they are… yeah! They are here for the trophy!

OK, Thank you!

You’re welcome! Anytime!


Georgian National Handball Federation . 2017