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Denmark won bronze in epic game

Denmark is the third team of the the men’s youth World Championship which took place at the Olympic Palace in Tbilisi, Georgia. Croatia took the forth place.

The game was tense and emotional. The ending of the match turned out to be the most spectacular. At twenty second minute Croats came forward for the first time in the match. Then Danes twice leveled the score, but at 28th minute Croatia was still ahead – 28:29. Then the goalkeeper of Denmark Victor Skjellerup Bang took a penalty and the score become 29:29. At 30th minute Danes pushed forward, but now it was turn of Croatian goalkeeper Mateo Radocaj to play fantastically. At last seconds Croats held the ball but unfortunately for them lost it and Matias Gidsel scored the decisive goal. Denmark won 30:29.

Halil Jaganjac (LB) of Croatia who scored 7 goals and Nikolai Vinther (RW) of Denmark who scored 8 goals, were named best players of the match.

Lka Panza (Head Coach of Croatia): It was a very exiting game for spectators. We didn’t open the match very well but in the second half everything was in our hands. Unfortunately we didn’t score and Denmark won.

Claus Hansen (Head Coach of Denmark): I think it was a fantastic game. I’m not sure that it was beautiful but both teams wanted to win. It was roller-coaster in the dying minutes.


Georgian National Handball Federation . 2017