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Korea 33:31 Croatia

The most funny moment of the group C game between Korea and Croatia happened at 25th minute of the firs half, when the best player of Korean team, goalkeeper An Jaepil complained that the ray of the sun, that somehow got into the hall, cut his eyes. The game stopped for three minutes.

As for the best player of Croatia Vito Bahtijarevic, he tried his best but could not help his team which managed to equalize the score at the 8th minute of the second half (23:23) and then break out, but still lost against tough opponents which won their second game in a row.

JANG IN IK (Head coach of Korea): We played very hard game. I like inspiration of my players, but still it was not our maximum.

Luka Panza (Head coach of Croatia): We did not play as we planned. In future we will change a lot of things. We are fighting but it is not enough.


Georgian National Handball Federation . 2017