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Germany beat Chile

Group B game between Germany and Chile started with little advantage of Chile, but Germany pushed forward at 10th minute and then kept initiative until the end. The score of the first half was 17:12.
During the second half Germany scored 12 goals in the first 12 minutes, which made a great influence on the game and helped Germany to prove their superiority. The final score was 39:22.
The best players of the both teams turned out to be number 13: Eloy Morante Maldonado (Germany) and Drago Reinaldo Gomez (Chile).
JOCHEN BEPPLER (Head Coach of Germany): The game was a little bit harder at the start, but it got easier in the middle and at the end, we won. I think the first game of the tournament is always hard. We did a great job, it only made us better.
LIRA CLAUDIO (Head Coach of Chile): Germany is one of the best teams and it was hard to play against them. They are very strong and their tactic is different. There was also a big physical difference between the teams.


Georgian National Handball Federation . 2017