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Beka Orjonikidze, Georgia: Our strong point is a defence and a quick game

We introduce an interview with Beka Orjonikidze, head coach of host country’s U19 national team.

– First of all, I ask you how satisfied are you with the poll results?
– Is there a simple group and simple opponents in the world championship? of course, no. We have B group where we have to compete with strong opponents but it’s not a group of death. In any case, wherever we would have been, we have to do our best.

– Do you know about our opponents?
– We are trying to get maximum information on all teams. I know more about European teams, Germany and Iceland, we have seen a number of Japanese team games as well, as for Chile and Algeria, we have relatively little information about them, but we have time before the Championship starts.

– How do you actually think about overcoming the group stage and what will be the minimum and maximum of our team program?
– We can actually overcome the group stage and it is not exaggerated. We are well aware that it will not be easy to do, but there is nothing impossible with maximum mobilization within our walls and with our fans. Our minimum will be to play in the play-off, and for maximum I think we have the strength to offer surprise to Georgia and the Georgian sports community.

– What would you say about the preparation process for the championship?
– From the new year, we had an active preparation process for world championship. We have prepared for the championship and we have not had any hindering factor yet. Only after the end of the national championship all the players were not in our disposal, but their form and playing mood were kept in their teams. Participation at IHF Emerging Nations Championship in Bulgaria, in June helped us a lot At this age, the players grow up withthe playing with foreign teams. The boys took the experience and formed the fighter team.

– Where do you have team preparations?
– We are preparing in Tbilisi. Now we are at the base and we live in the hotel “Baumande Garden” where the ideal conditions are created for resting and restoring forces. We regularly play sparring matches with different teams of national championship, but we want to play one or two friendly matches with any foreign team before the championship.

For example, Chile’s team arrives in Tbilisi on July 31, but South Americans are in our group and we have to think about it. The main stream of participating teams will arrive 4-5 days before the tournament and we will probably be able to hold a sparring match with any team.

– You tell us about Bulgarian Tournament on the top and maybe you would like to tell us more about how satisfied you are?
– Finally we managed to take the eighth place and we can not express great satisfaction with the result, but by the fightability of the boys, the hopes and the quality of the game we hope we’ll do our best in Tbilisi. 
We lost a match in the group against Luxembourg, but then we played against Great Britain and Malta and we reached the quarterfinals where we lost a match against Turkey.

– What do you consider the weak and strong sides of our team?
– The line of defence and the quick game is certainly a strong side of our team, We don’t have the problem of the goalkeeper. And the weaker side, we often have a technical mistakes and we have to work a lot.

– And the last question. What are you promising to Georgian fans?
– From August 8 to August 20, at the Tbilisi Olympic Palace fans will see the real celebration of Handball. Such a large team tournament with 24 teams has never been held in our country and I am confident that we will organize it with dignity.
I promise to the fans the fight and the dedication. We will try our best all of the matches in the tournament and we will try to make our fans happier in the hall or in the television.


Georgian National Handball Federation . 2017